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In-Store Branding Solutions.

Express your brand— let the brand USP resonate with your customers with Walnut’s creative clutter breaking solutions in General Trade and Modern Trade.

Creative Designs to Shout Out—Stalls

Events and Exhibitions & Activations

When you have a story to tell, a product to sell, or an audience to compel, its best to do it out loud. Have an event or a stall, give us a call.

Innovation in design and creative solutions

‘Innovation’ and ‘Creativity’ are the two heroes at Walnut. And behind each design we
create, there is motivation to innovate something so clever, that even creativity is awestruck
with itself!

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We have a ‘big idea’ for every project we take! We brainstorm the creative concepts with fiery enthusiasm to combat clutter and defeat all dull, repeated ideas.

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