BTL Branding and Advertising
When it comes to BTL Advertising, Branding, or Promotion, Walnut is the champion. With an experience of over 25 years, Walnut has learned to innovate and provide customisation as per the understanding of market trends and consumer insights.

Point of Purchase Displays:
Point of purchase displays, often addressed as ‘silent salesmen’ is an effective way to communicate your brand idea and gain visibility in a cost-effective manner.
POP/POSM display asset often allow the audience to interact on a one-to-one basis with the consumer.
As a creative branding agency, Walnut creates high impact visibility inputs, in-store branding and POSM display asset for GT& MT stores.
Some of Walnut’s creative branding inputs:
Window Displays, TBF, Counter tops, Danglers, Buntings, Shelf Strips, Bunters, Aisle flags, Hanging Banners, Floor Stickers, Parasite Hangers, End Caps, Glass Facades, Wobblers, FSUs

Promotional Activities: 
Best meet your marketing needs with promotional activities that Walnut Advertising tailors for your brand.
You can communicate the features & benefits of your product/brand to your audience with promotions. They create awareness, attract and influence the customer to buy your product.
Our promotional activities include: BTL Advertising solutions, sampling, activations, promotional gift packs, etc.
Walnut’s unique offerings in personalised promotional activities like brand activation and samplings at malls, cantonment areas, supermarkets, Star bazars, Spencer, corporates, societies etc.

Packaging & Designing:
First impression is the last impression, and with custom design packaging solutions from Walnut Advertising, you make it the best of it!
Your packaging conveys your brand’s story through good design & entices them to buy the product.
Walnut believes that visuals are the key to entering a consumers mind. And Walnut provides appealing & intelligent packaging design options. Apart from regular packaging options, we innovate gift packs, special offer packs, mock-ups for brands.

Maximise impact & minimise cost when you advertise through media platforms like
To provide a tangible offline presence for your brand, Walnut provides media solutions in the form of newspaper ads, magazine ads, OOH (bus, auto, train), translation, CG for TVCs
The visuals can be designed for web banners, social media, print advertisements, branding, retail store branding, visual aids, etc.

A+ Content for Amazon:
Better convey the values & benefits of your products on Amazon, where a major population of online shoppers start their product searches.
A+ content on your seller page allows your customers to make informed buying decisions because of visually detailed description.
Walnut offers you A+ content in terms of rich pictures, informative video content, detailed text, and interactive displays etc. to showcase in your product listings