Digital Media Marketing

Let’s go the DIGITAL way

Who doesn’t know Ray Tomlinson? The man who sent the first email, initiating the journey of electronic communication, and opening a gateway to a whole new channel for e-marketing.

But, I’m sure not a lot of us know about, the first ever domain name, registered in the year 1985. Followed by the first ever website dedicated to information about World Wide Web which went live in 1991.

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All about BTLBTL Advertising

When it comes to advertising your brand, today, there is a plethora of option to exploit. Ranging from the giant ATL advertising, to the recent fad of social media. Print advertising, television commercials, social media paid advertising, etc. are a few to name among.

As agreed, these giants are excellent when it comes to exposure. Excellently, they put across your message to the mass audience. But, how well do they physically engage your target customers?

That’s where BTL (Below the Line) advertising agency comes into play.
BTL advertising plays on one-to-one basis with your consumer, using less conventional methods of advertising to interact with the target consumer. Handing out bills, stickers, POSMs, or giving product demos, or live activations that include sampling of your product. It’s the most sensible form of advertising to increase customer outreach.

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A+ Content. Such a big deal?

Everything about is as enormous as it can get. Jeff Bezos introduced a revolution in the shopping industry with A website that initiated with just books in 1993, today has more than 2 million sellers, and above 12 million products. If you’re selling your brand on Amazon, you know you’re a part of cut-throat competition. To get an edge over your competitors, you need to take every digital risk you can as an Amazon seller. You need to stand out from the digital clutter & your product page needs a voice of its own.

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Activate your consumers to activate your brand!

Activation is an experience that builds a real personal connection between your consumer and the brand. Indeed, it is a process of making your brand well known and loved by consumer. Brand activations are the perfect course to build a positive perception of your brand which will turn your customers loyal. You, as a brand can shift perceptions and create a real emotional engagement to reach potential customers. Now, to create such engagement, you must know your target audience. It can be businesses, retails, and wholesale companies or simply the end consumer. A reliable btl advertising agency or an events and activation agency give you comprehensive brand/product activation plans customised to your requirements.

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Aids of Pharmaceutical Advertising

Creativity without strategy is called art and creativity with strategy is called Advertising.”

It is truly said that good advertising does not just circulate information, it penetrates the minds with desires and beliefs. It is exactly how it works in the Pharma sector. Through advertisement, pharmaceutical companies aim to create long lasting impact on the target audience, gain their confidence & increase their faith in brand.

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