Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing. Simplified!

Walnut Advertising is a digital advertising agency, with a quirk for designing & creativity.

Though we, at Walnut provide the classic online marketing services like ppc services, seo services, social media marketing, we’d prefer addressing ourselves as a digitalcreative agency

At Walnut, we believe in creating impactful digital presence that keeps you always at the top:-
At the top of the search engine, top of your audience’s news feed, and on the top of your customers mind.
There’s a plethora of creative solutions in our NUT’shell for your brand. At Walnut, a specialised social media consultant will give you tailored Social Media Marketing services, best Search Engine Optimisation services, Pay per Click Ads budget & strategy, Content Marketing solutions and customised digital strategy for your brand.

Social Media Marketing:
Make hay while the sun shines bright, and connect with audience when the trend is right!
At Walnut, we calculate exactly what engages your customers, and draw a pathway that connects your brand to your audience by adapting to the new #markettrends.
With Walnut’s online marketing services & customised social media strategy for your social media platforms, get ready to expand your digital space in a cost-effective & hassle free manner.
Here’s what we’re offering in Social Media Marketing:
Social Media Posts (optimised for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Customised Social Media Strategy & analysis for your brand
Sponsored Ads across all social media platforms
Live Tweeting, Like Campaigns, Video Promotions etc.

Pay per Click Ads
We provide internet marketing services at Walnut that allow you to play your clicks right, to get the maximum visibility and quality traffic for your brand.
With our precise and accurate PPC campaigns, you’ll get measureable results and organically improved your SEO rankings

Search Engine Optimisation
To increase your digital footprint, enhance your digital visibility and appear at the top of the search engine when your customer searches your brand, an experience digital advertising agency is a prerequisite. With Walnut’s technical know-how & marketing finesse, you are prepared for a strong online presence.