Let’s go the DIGITAL way

Let’s go the DIGITAL way

Who doesn’t know Ray Tomlinson? The man who sent the first email, initiating the journey of electronic communication, and opening a gateway to a whole new channel for e-marketing.

But, I’m sure not a lot of us know about symbolics.com, the first ever domain name, registered in the year 1985. Followed by the first ever website dedicated to information about World Wide Web which went live in 1991.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Read on to know how digital media progressed since…

“Don’t guess. Measure”, says Slava Akhmechet (Co- founder of Rethink DB)
Truly, it is one of the major reasons why you, as a business, should harness the benefits that Digital Marketing has to offer you.
Imagine, if today would be a fairy tale, then Digital Marketing & Online Marketing Agencies, definitely would be the tech genies who’d make a lot of your wishes come true. Be it engaging with the customers first hand, identifying & expanding your reach towards your online target audience, or simply, just adding another channel to sell your product.

It’s easy, to get intimidated by this giant umbrella term of ‘Digital Marketing’ and even easier to get confused between ‘digital marketing’ & ‘digital advertising’. By the time you finish this article, you’ll get a clearer idea between the two terms, along with a FREE Digital marketing kit to kick start your brand on the digital platform.

Why should I choose Digital marketing/advertising?

Simply because it works!

Yes, whether you’re a B2B, or a B2C, digital advertising can be the booster you’re looking for your success. When harnessed opportunely, digital mediums can be the driving force, or the salesperson that motivates your audience to take desired action.

When you’re investing, obviously, you need ROI. And what better than having a measureable report, that too in real time?! Digital marketing allows you to measure your website traffic, customer engagement, and online sales, etc. all on one platform/software. You can see how your content is performing, and how you’re generating leads in real time.

Well, now that we know why Digital Marketing is the smarter choice, let’s dive into some technicalities-

Digital Marketing? Or, Digital Advertising?!

“Digital Advertising is the distribution of brand messages using digital mediums & internet.”
Digital Advertising can be interchangeable used with terms like internet marketing, web advertising, online advertising, etc.
“Digital Marketing, as transparent as it gets, is the marketing of products mainly, but not restricted to internet. DM also utilises any & ever digital display channel like mobile, display advertising, or any other digital display asset.”
The main point of difference between the two giant terms is—

“Digital Marketing is a process, while Digital Advertising is an activity, which is a part in the process.”

Digital marketing is an umbrella term & usually covers several channels. An effective digital marketing plan includes a synergy of 2 or more of the channels explained below:

With the commencement of Search Engine in 1990, it became easier to acquire information about any required topic that was available online. Search engines rapidly evolved because of advancement in technology & coding. Yahoo first introduced webpages with man-made content, to webcrawler.com which brought a revolution by presenting ‘lightning fast web search’ with the help of entirely indexed webpages.  Then came AskJeeves.com which was powered by human editors that matched the search queries to display end results, followed by the inception of MSN & finally, Google.

According Moz.com, “Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your websites through organic search engine results”

How does it work?

Search Engine is basically a cluster of web crawlers that index through the content available on the internet, and bring to you the most relevant results in the least of time. To optimise your content according to the search engine, you need to add relevant content on the pages, along with targeted keywords that allow both—the search engine & the user to search for the correct results.

SEO benefits your business channels like websites, blogs, info graphics, and presentations.

Content Marketing:
“Content Marketing is the creation and promotion of relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract & engage a targeted set of audience to induce customer action”
Content marketing targets your audience to inform, educate & engage target customers about the product/service you have to offer. Basically, generating brand awareness using digital media.

Channels to market your content usually include- blogs, e-books, emailers, infolets, and online brochures.

A good content marketing strategy allows your brand to generate quality leads, organic traffic, customer engagement & retention. Content marketing is channelled through Social Media Marketing using social media platforms for targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing:
“Social Media Marketing is the use of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, Snapchat, etc. to reach out to the audience.”

SMM is a great way to boost your SEO rankings, with the help of an excellent Content Marketing strategy.

Whether you’re B2B, or B2C, SMM is a great opportunity to reach out to your targeted audience. B2B businesses resort to premium platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to generate quality lead. Your social media platform is nothing, but an invisible salesperson that drives your audience towards your business.

“Pay-per-click, often abbreviated as PPC and is a paid form of advertising your business on search engines, social media platforms, and other digital channels”
As opposed to organic marketing, this type of strategy involves acquiring your customers, attracting your audience on a paid basis. On every ad that you click online, which is sponsored by the brand, costs a certain amount of fee to the business.

PPC is adapted in SMM channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc., where you decide the bid for your clicks based on your audience. The most premium channel to adapt PPC is Google Adwords. This channel studies the keywords entered in the search engine, and if it matches your target audience, your ad is shown to them.

Apart from the other mentioned channels, Native Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Automation are the other form of Digital Marketing that can benefit your digital footprint.

Knowledge is power, but nothing beats expertise. Hence, when you’re beginning to expand your digital footprint, you can resort to digital marketing agencies that provide you with a full-fledged marketing plan that benefits your business and resonates with your ideology.

But, if you’re looking to dive into the sea, here’s the Free Digital Marketing Kit as promised in the beginning:

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