All about BTL

All about BTL

When it comes to advertising your brand, today, there is a plethora of option to exploit. Ranging from the giant ATL advertising, to the recent fad of social media. Print advertising, television commercials, social media paid advertising, etc. are a few to name among.

As agreed, these giants are excellent when it comes to exposure. Excellently, they put across your message to the mass audience. But, how well do they physically engage your target customers?

That’s where BTL (Below the Line) advertising agency comes into play.
BTL advertising plays on one-to-one basis with your consumer, using less conventional methods of advertising to interact with the target consumer. Handing out bills, stickers, POSMs, or giving product demos, or live activations that include sampling of your product. It’s the most sensible form of advertising to increase customer outreach.

When the consumer comes to buy products at any GT or MT store, more than 68% of the time the purchase is impulse. This 68% of audience is the one who can switch from a brand to another, and it is essential hold their goldfish span mind through clutter breaking POSM units which are informative and creative at the same time.
To encourage sales at the store level, POSMs, as stated by research are the driving force. POSM display asset designs help you to capture shopper’s mind & money when effectively executed. You can chance on this excellent opportunity to attract more and more consumers at the Point-of-Purchase. POPs are an excellent way to capture attention and inform the customer about your brands offering in an innovative way
As a creative branding agency, Walnut Advertising tailored this larger than life, tempting Kissan berry blast jam Installation at modern trade store lured the shoppers to approach the product, grab the bottle and toss it in the shopping cart.

Apart from attention grabbing POSMs, another underrated channel of product promotion is enticing product packaging itself. Custom design packaging for retail during sales & festivals is a great way to inform customers & promote impulse buying behaviour.

For festive seasons, Walnut Advertising designed this compact packaging to promote TRESemme` for sales promotion. The hair product was placed a hairstyling kit, that included TRESemme` Shampoo, Conditioner, and a 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler.

It’s one thing to grab eyeballs, and another to grab their interaction. Activations for your upcoming brand, or a dying brand is a golden opportunity to imbibe the brand’s message directly into the shoppers mind. Activations can be done in target areas like societies, schools, corporate areas, military areas, hospitals, etc. for FMCG, Pharma & relevant product categories.

This successful product activation with wet sampling for Kissan Squash at military cantonment areas, carried out by Walnut Advertising was a hit among the audiences.

These are just a few snapshots, of how BTL advertising can create & improve an experiential shopping experience for your brand, interact with your customers on one-to-one basis, and drive sales by capturing attention & imbibing emotion in the communications