Aids of Pharmaceutical Advertising

“Creativity without strategy is called art and creativity with strategy is called Advertising.”

It is truly said that good advertising does not just circulate information, it penetrates the minds with desires and beliefs. It is exactly how it works in the Pharma sector. Through advertisement, pharmaceutical companies aim to create long lasting impact on the target audience, gain their confidence & increase their faith in brand.

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Pharmaceutical sectors have a defined set of target audience that revolves around the healthcare professionals, doctors and the MR i.e. Medical Representatives. Doctors have years of knowledge about medicines and hence, they always appreciate creative & exceptionally conceptualised aids. One of the best ways to do it is by connecting your therapy with emotions. In case of MR, motivation strategy works wonders. MRs appreciate encouraging concepts that are powerful enough to motivate them to increase their sales, and ultimately the revenue.
The pharmaceutical advertising has a defined scope for advertising inputs. But, the breadth of creativity in it is unbound. Below, explained, are a few of the most used Pharma communication channels.

1. Visual Aids
A pharma visual aid template is an item of illustrative matter designed to supplement written or spoken information for easier communication. These aids are designed specifically for the doctors, and involves detailed information about the medicine/molecules.
If you want to introduce a brand, a product, or a molecule to the doctors, then this input is perfect. These informative & educative visual aids add value to your MR’s brief. The visual aid can also be styled in a gimmick form. Gimmick is a trick intended to attract the doctors’ attention.
Indeed, it’s a huge scope for showing creativity in making pharma visual aid template. Here are some basic details that are a compulsion in visual aids:

• Product details
• Molecule
• Indications
• Dosage
• Reference charts
Remember, the key to make a perfect pharma visual aid template is to serve the clients as per their requirements.

2. LBL
Great design is born of two things— simplicity and clarity…
… and an LBL is the perfect way to combine these into a comprehensive design. LBL (Leave behind Literature) is a small and handy version of visual aid which MRs usually handover to the doctors. While making LBLs, one should be very careful with the visuals. They should not be too loud to hide a content and should be visually comforting. Gimmick form can also be incorporated in LBLs.
Good example of LBL is Ranogard, designed by Walnut Advertising— a pharma visual aid design company. The brand Ranogard supplies medicines for angina patients. Walnut Advertising took ahead the theme ‘guard’ saying “Guard against the burden of angina.”

3. Table Dispensers
It’s one thing to catch attention, and a totally different game to hold it. To stay on top of your doctors’ mind, it’s essential to present your brand as something which is useful to them. Inputs in the form of table dispensers are the perfect choice.
Always remember, seeing is believing. So, you must choose something which can take a front seat on the doctors’ table, which he can use on a day to day basis. A pen stand or a chit pad is a good way to continuously promote your brand name.

For example, Alembic Pharmaceutical’s product Regutol, syrup for diarrhoea, promoted through calendars by Walnut advertising, a pharma visual aid design company.

4. Reminder LBL
A consistent experience is better experience.
And to maintain a consistency, reminders are the reliable choice! They deliver as a reminder to the doctors about the product, and the ultimate brand. It has compact information and is a striking way of staying in the minds of target customers.

In conclusion, you can count on these inputs to add powerful impact to your brand. The one thing amongst everything and everyone which will make you unique is your concept. It can add depth and meaning to your work. Thoroughly study the product brief and think, how you can connect motive of your brand to your concept that compels the target audience. A reliable Pharmaceutical Advertising company can surely help you to deliver your canvas & communicate your brand message in an efficacious way.