Activate your consumers to activate your brand!

Activation is an experience that builds a real personal connection between your consumer and the brand. Indeed, it is a process of making your brand well known and loved by consumer. Brand activations are the perfect course to build a positive perception of your brand which will turn your customers loyal. You, as a brand can shift perceptions and create a real emotional engagement to reach potential customers. Now, to create such engagement, you must know your target audience. It can be businesses, retails, and wholesale companies or simply the end consumer. A reliable btl advertising agency or an events and activation agency give you comprehensive brand/product activation plans customised to your requirements.

To turn your consumers into motivated users of your brand, connecting with them at the right place, and the right time plays an important role. You must tap into the consumers’ passions using creative strategies and ideas which involves raising awareness about your brand and products in order to generate more sales and gain a competitive edge. An events and activation agency can be your guide to draft an engaging & memorable experience that strikes sincere emotion with your consumer. Activations add life into your brand and are instrumental in building an ardent fan base.

Your brands’ campaign strategy must be relevant to the brand’s message and core values.
Here are some questions that you need to consider before drafting a strategy:

1. What is the purpose of this activation? (Increase in sales, or brand communication?)
2. How many targeted consumers would this campaign activation touch?
3. What will be the optimum reach of this activation?
4. Is it worldwide, national or local?
5. Is the plan measurable? (benefits vs. the cost)

In addition, these campaigns must also have a potential to gain sizeable long term benefits & potential. They must complement and have the ability to integrate with your current marketing channels within the brand. Your brand activation must have a unique value or selling proposition that gets consumer attention and compel them to talk about it. It should be adaptable, in order to adjust the amplification of the overall activation campaign.
A huge benefit of activation is that it makes your brand more prominent & accessible. It helps you to reinforce your brand positioning in the customers’ minds. It adds on to your traditional advertising methods of communication print media and TV commercials.

Through activation & events, your brand gets genuine feedbacks from the potential customers. It’s a way to generate awareness and visibility for your brand through cultivating real life engagement experiences. You need to know who your
customers are and where you can find them.

For e.g., when it comes to any festival, shopping malls are one place where you find all kinds of people. So, utilize this opportunity and connect your product with the festive spirit to make the best use of festival season. When generating your festival activation idea, remember that this is the time when people are or want to be around their families celebrating together. So, your purpose should be to delight your customers with the holiday themes of love, generosity, joy, family, and fun! You can recreate the scenario of product application within your store. Know how your customers could use the product and come up with ways to make them experience the product in the store itself. This could involve setting up a “Try Yourself” counter where you provide a setting where store visitors can actually use your product. Product samplings, in-store retail marketing, sponsorships, and experiential events this all needs a creative touch highlighting your company’s uniqueness. Remember, you have to capture the right emotions with your brand activation campaign.

Below is an example of wet sampling and activation done by events and activation agency in Mumbai, Walnut Advertising (I) Pvt. Ltd.

‘Soup-erb Activation!’
Knorr is HUL’s most loved food & refreshment brand. It has a range of yummy soups, delicious noodles and mouth-watering masalas in India.
Location: Pan India
Brand: Knorr Instant Soups
Type of sampling: Wet sampling
Spotted at: Military Cantonment Areas
Objective: Engage directly with the consumers in an inclusive and interactive manner and keep a check on sales.

In conclusion, activation is the perfect opportunity for your brand to make a memorable impact in the mind of your consumers. Successful activation strategies, such as in-person experience events can make your brand more believable to the consumer what it stands for, which is a closer step in the path to purchase.