A+ Content. Such a big deal?

Everything about amazon.in is as enormous as it can get. Jeff Bezos introduced a revolution in the shopping industry with Amazon.com. A website that initiated with just books in 1993, today has more than 2 million sellers, and above 12 million products. If you’re selling your brand on Amazon, you know you’re a part of cut-throat competition. To get an edge over your competitors, you need to take every digital risk you can as an Amazon seller. You need to stand out from the digital clutter & your product page needs a voice of its own.

Why A+ Content?
Today, the consumer is educated, and makes informed decision before any purchase decision. A+ content is the value added service your brand needs to cater to these customers. It adds life to your product page and allows the rich visuals to speak concisely for themselves. A+ content is definitely the ‘Digital Silent Salesman’ that your product page needs to enhance the shopping experience of your customer.

When a consumer scrolls down from your product page, they look for relevant text speaking about the features & benefits of the product. It’s rare for a costumer to skim through chunks of text and extract the essence. That is where A+ content rushes to the rescue!

The detailed explanations, the enticing visuals, expressive colour combinations, and exciting templates exuberate richness on your product page. When you provide customer with relevant product information, really, you’re handing them the power to decide the best for your product.
A dynamic view of your product, explained details, USP, etc. appeal your customer, who in fact prefers visual learning. A stronger visual appeal captures your customers’ attention and creates a full digital experience for your shopper.
Statistically speaking, Amazon states & has proven that the sales conversion rates improve by approximately 3-10% purely because of the visual & education appeal that A+ content offers to First Party Vendors

What’s A+ Content?
Amazon A+ content is not under SEO services, but, instead is a creative input that enhances shopping experience of your customer,
A+ content is available to sellers in a basic & a premium module. The latter allows a seller to create more interactive, video based A+ content for the product page

Varied Product Images that give perspective views of the product, highlight its most visual part, and flaunt lifestyle images that trigger lifestyle aspirations in the customer.

Informative introduction/brand story that introduce emotional connection between the customer and your brand. A little deeper information never hurts!

Features & Benefits of products that ultimately boil down the customers’ choice to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on your Amazon product page to drive sales.

Ready to enhance your content?
Get ready to get ahead of your competitors, differentiate your page from other sellers & convert your visits into sales simply by using this A+ content service.

You can hire a creative design agency for creating excellent A+ content for your product page. An effective A+ content combines enticing key visuals & effective communicative copy around your product.

At Walnut Advertising, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves in A+ content marketing. We don’t just create A+ content, we also optimise it according to